First off, it’s safe to say that not everyone has the same taste when it comes to painted furniture just like pretty much everything else, we all have our own preferences. Some people like the more subtle looks such as farmhouse or rustic, while others like myself love color and tend to walk on the wild side.

Now there is not anything wrong with the farmhouse look, it’s wildly popular and I love it as well. However, there’s just something about color and patterns that makes me happy. So, I will share with you a few websites where you can go for painted furniture ideas regardless of your style.

Farmhouse Style

Any lover of home décor has heard of Chip and Joanna Gaines and how they’ve been instrumental in making the farmhouse style the sought-after choice for styling the home. Here are a few of my inspirations for pieces if you are looking to paint in this style.

Mary over at Orphans with Makeup painted this Victorian dresser with over-sized mirror, but notice how she left the original wood for the top of the dresser? I LOVE this look, it is one of my favorite ways to obtain that farmhouse look.

Miss Mustard Seed stripped the polyurethane finish off this farmhouse table and painted the base along with giving the top a whitewash. Look how amazing this project turned out!

Suzy at Worthing Court did an amazing transformation on a cherry bookcase by adding a barn door. It is a grand idea and one I can’t wait to try!

Shabby Chic

The website Hative describes the shabby chic style as a perfect mix of subtle and ostentatious, comfortable and ornate, modern and vintage. The main elements are neutral, often pastel colors, ornate yet distressed furniture, and functional yet informal sitting pieces.

The Painted Cottage once had this dresser for sale in their online shop. It is a great example of the shabby chic style.

This stenciled kitchen table found on Pinterest is simply jaw dropping.stenciled table

Jen at Rustique Restoration transformed this secretary with a cream color and topped with antique glaze. I appreciate the way she left the mahogany inside.

Navy Blue

I am including Navy Blue as a category not only because “Naval” is Sherwin Williams new color of the year for 2020 but because I absolutely love the color on furniture. It’s bold and dramatic, yet classic at the same time; making it very versatile.

One of the best transformations I’ve seen was done by Susan at Saw, Nail & Paint. She was asked by a client to refurbish an heirloom chest and what she did was AHHHMAZING!Heirloom chest in navy blue.

Here is a masculine dresser painted by Kandice at Just the Woods. New hardware and the deep blue navy color make a huge difference!Masculine dresser painted in navy blue.

Here is another navy one by Kandice at Just the Woods. This one is a wooden desk that needed a major overhaul.Wooden desk in navy blue.

Gail at My Repurposed Life took an ugly waterfall dresser that someone took a black marker to and turned it into this wonderful piece. She was able to salvage the beautiful wood and let it remain. I’m in LOVE!Waterfall dresser restored and painted with navy blue.

Black Matte Finish

A major trend in painted furniture is a smooth, flawless matte finish. Black matte painted furniture is seen more and more.

The Richmond Thrifter updated a pretty beat up Martha Washington sewing cabinet with a black matte finish. Can you just say WOW?!Martha Washington sewing cabinet painted in black.

Larissa at Prodigal Pieces put her expertise to work on this 1920s antique vanity, the result is stunning.Antique vanity from the 1920s painted in black.

My Repurposed Life shared a project done by Joan at Scavenger Chic where she created a coffee table
using part of a door. It is painted in black with some slight distressing,Coffee table made from an old door and painted black.

Pops of Color

The French Provincial Dresser painted in Sunflower Yellow below was found in the Etsy store of Mint Home a while back; of course, it’s sold now.French provincial dresser painted in sunflower yellow.

Mindy at My Love 2 Create made a statement piece out of an ordinary two drawer night stand.Nightstand makeover

How about red as a pop of color? Red is an amazing choice for a statement piece as in this chest of drawers by Kelsey at The Vintage Storehouse.Chest of drawers painted in red

Whimsical Pieces

There are some amazing furniture artists out there that inspire me every day! I just love to see what they are creating next.

Check out this waterfall dresser that was made to resemble a VW bus; another piece by Larissa at Prodigal Pieces.Waterfall dresser transformed into a VW van.

If you love whimsical as much as I do, Tracey at Tracey’s Fancy is one of the best in this category. Look at all the wonderfulness of this dresser.Whimsical dresser transformation.

What do you think about these ideas?

I hope you have been inspired by this list of my recommendations for painted furniture ideas. If so, let me know in the comments. Do you have a favorite?

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